HBT Consulting Heike Birwe Munich

You can benefit from over 25 years of my experience in tourism marketing

Travelling is my passion, and I have travelled all the continents in person.

After living in London and completing my successful studies of tourism, I have been professionally active since 1988 in the tourism industry.

My previous employers have been inter alia DER travel agency and the TUI Group.  I have been working in sales for over 15 years, and operated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including more than 5 years at the luxury shipping company Sea Cloud Cruises Ltd.

As the owner of HBT Consulting I negotiate for you, locally, 
with the main distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Take advantage of the HBT Consulting expertise, experience and excellent contacts with the top-selling markets in Europe.

Let’s conquer the lucrative markets together!